A life on the ocean waves, well not quite!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 20th June twenty three committee members and friends took to the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. It was a pleasure to note that the Canal Barge we boarded some with trepidation especially those not used to “splicing the main brace” even more than others. In the absence of an emergency boat drill due to the lack of life boats we all settled down below to enjoy the evening. In the capable hands of Captain Dave we set off at the brake neck speed of 3 knots, slow slow slick slick slow!!! Never once did anyone have to retire to the “heads” to quell motion  sickness so we felt safe and secure.



It was interesting to recall that the Canal for much of its length sneaks through the Brecon Beacons National Park,   the isolated Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal must rate as one of the prettiest to be found anywhere on the waterway system. It closely follows the valley of the River Usk, which is also a water supply for the line. We all felt that we were one of the first barges to navigate the line and wished like those in Alexander Cordell’s book Rape of the Fair Country that the ride would never end.

Back in May President Anthony Davies suggested a canal barge trip, on investigation a trip was found which included a “finger buffet”. It was well supported by committee members and their wives and also a number of friends which included the headmaster Nick Oaten and his wife.

The sun shone, both the wine and beer flowed (I suspect faster than the water in the canal which was certainly not drinkable) and the finger buffet was devoured with gusto. The journey took in many features of the top most part of the canal, starting in the “Brecon Basin” we travel through a lock one that had been recently renovated which was probably the first work on it since the canal was first opened in 1800, no one on board would admit to being at the opening!!!!. We finally turned around near the aqueduct over the river Usk, for those interested in the flora and fauna there was plenty to see, and for those who just wanted to chat there was plenty of time to catch up on gossip.

The trip was a resounding success, so we look forward to next years Summer Social Event when we hope there will be others who will join in to make that an even bigger sensation.


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