70 plus members of the King Henry Old Boys Association were thrilled to hear Owen Sheers speak at their Annual Dinner, held t the Angel on Friday November 12th.

It was a great evening fully enjoyed by all who attended, where they were able to catch up on the news between the dinner last year and now, talk about of old mutual friends and meet up with a number of new attendees.

General secretary David Spencer said “what has been really satisfying is that as a result of recent publicity and a letter going out to almost 700 ex school pupils of King Henry School there has been a sharp increase in membership, some of whom were at the dinner on Friday last”.

The guest speaker Owen Sheers enthralled the dinners by talking about the filming of his book Resistance, his time at school and how he played for the Firsts Rugby Team.

Owen remarked that “Members of the Resistance cast and film crew are enchanted by the landscape and spellbound by the people of Abergavenny. I am proud to be able to show them the fascinating history and sites of my hometown”.

Owen finished with a short poem dedicated to a friend who he admired during his rugby playing days.

As a small thank you President of the Old Boys Association Anthony A Davies bestowed Honorary Life Membership on Owen and presented him with the Old Boy Tie. To say that Owen was overcome was putting it mildly he was delighted to have the honour.

Owen went on to say “I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy this evening, all I can say is that I want to encourage as many of my contemporaries will join the Association so that they to can take advantage of membership, they really don’t know what they are missing”.

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