About Us

Former Pupils of King Henry VIII Grammar and Comprehensive School can be found all over the world.   Many Former Pupils can be found roaming the hills of Abergavenny or sipping a glass somewhere in town, while others can be found far away on other continents including America, Africa and Australia.  The Former Pupils are spending their days working as writers, actors, teachers, solicitors, engineers, retail assistants, housewives’ or even househusbands.  No matter where they are or what they are doing, they all have at least one thing in common – King Henry VIII School.

King Henry VIII School Former Pupils was announced in 2013 as the future name of the King Henry VIII School The Old Boys which dates back to 1923.  The organisation has evolved over the years and now encompasses both the male and female Former Pupils of King Henry. We are always looking to increase the number of Former Pupils we are in touch with and strengthen our network. So if you haven’t already joined, please do so. Visit the membership section of our website for more details and to signup online.  For a little more information on the association, please take a look at a post submitted by a member – History of the Old Boys Association.

king-henry-former-pupils-history-icon-sml History

We have created a timeline of photo’s and important events to show the history of the organisation and the school.  We actively encourage members to submit class, year or school photos to be included.

king-henry-former-pupils-join-icon-sml Join Now

Become a King Henry School Former Pupils member by joining and paying a one off lifetime membership of £10.  For all of the benefits and how to join, please visit the membership section of out website.

king-henry-former-pupils-events-icon-sml Events

We hold several events every year including Past v Present matches, Excursions and Race Days.  All member and their partners are invited.  If you have an idea for an event please get in touch with us.

king-henry-former-pupils-store-icon-sml Online Store

We have a selection of memorabilia available for purchase online.  These include, Pins, Ties, Shirts and Jumpers.  Please take a look at this section if you are interested in any of the items.

king-henry-former-pupils-famous-icon-sml Famous Pupils

Several Former Pupils have progressed into careers including writing and sport that are known to us all.  We have a selection of profiles under the Famous Pupils section of the website.

king-henry-former-pupils-magazine-icon-sml Annual Magazine

Our annual magazine The Gobannian is released once a year with information on the organisation, the school and articles submitted by other members.  All our Issues are available to read online or download.